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Dear Patty,

Christina, Ian, Chip and I thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did as our wedding coordinator. From the minute we met you we knew we were in good hands. You gave us so much confidence that all would be well. You provided the perfect amount of guidance, top-notch referrals, hands on hard work with our set up, a calm presence throughout the day and the ability to execute our plans in decor, set up, putting out the favors and s’mores bar, and all of the other decorative displays.

You also went over and above by bringing in the rosemary and lavender from your garden. I really, really loved that about you! I could smell the rosemary and lavender at my table. It was so very dear of you to take the time to bring it in. It added such a personal touch, and it was a gift from you to all of us. Also you were perfectly prompt in all of our correspondence and always available to us. You provided exactly the help we needed to coordinate all of the tiny details involved from the rehearsal all the way through to the cleanup. By the way, you organized all of our "stuff" so efficiently. It was a breeze to collect it on Sunday!

Warmest regards,

~ Vinette Ramsay | Mother of the Bride

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I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderfully coordinated and beautiful wedding experience you and your ELD team provided for Courtney and Sanjiv. Your professionalism and dedication to making it perfect for them was evident, widely commented by all our guests and I couldn’t be happier with all of it! Thank You.

~ Paul G. | Father of the Bride

I don’t know where to begin. We are back in Japan and the past 10 days seem like it was just a dream. Looking back at the photos from the day, it was just perfect – all because of you!! Thank you so much! From learning Japanese to taking care of every last detail! Ha ha Thanks again and if you need anything from Japan or help in Japanese, please email me!

Thanks again,

~ Megumi & Takehiro | Bride & Groom

Patty was such a huge help for our wedding. I am completely type-A and wanted everything to be exactly the way I pictured it. Not only did Patty and her team meet my expectations but she went above and beyond.

When I was getting ready for the wedding, my sister came into the room in tears. Patty and her team had just set up the memory table for the family members that had passed away. It was beyond beautiful and incredibly meaningful to my husband and my family.

During dinner, the heat lamps we rented didn’t work and Patty and her team raided our venue to find blankets to hand out to our guests. My husband and I were worried the cold would ruin the night but the guests said that having all the blankets brought all the guests together.

Lastly, one of our ring-bearers was my terrier, Teddy. When left alone, he can be quite a barker and I was concerned that our guests would hear him. With Patty’s VIP (Very Important Pet) service, Teddy and my parents’ dog had an assigned attendant and were happy and quiet throughout the evening. They also fed them and walked them.

I was not stressed out at all during the wedding day, which I think is HUGE for a bride. I was completely confident in Patty and her team to have the wedding completed without any issues.

~ Casey | Bride

Planning a wedding from across the country was no easy feat, so I knew I needed a little help with the “Day Of” details. I was extremely pleased with Patty, who was polite and responsive all along the way, while still getting things done and making them happen exactly as directed and more. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever: Patty put my mind at ease and made sure everything was taken care of!

~ Siobhan & Nate | Bride & Groom